Thursday, 16 October 2008

Observing Oliver

I spent this afternoon doing the first official observation of my chosen child for the development project. I arrived highly prepared - digging out many of my old TA resources; I had a plan of what I was observing and both myself and Oliver (who's not really called Oliver by the way!!!) - had a really great time. It was so refreshing to indulge in the company of a three year old and just what I needed after this week 'en-course'...which has been a strange sort of a week for me! I came away reminded of the reason why I'm doing this someone famous once said....."at the heart of the educational process there lies a child"........ (should I be worried that I'm quoting this stuff???)..... so there I have discovered my mantra for this the heart of this educational process for me, is the road that delivers me to where I feel truly fulfilled.....with children!
so.......on that wave of inner calmness - I shall head off and burn a few joss sticks......

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