Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Second Year!

Well, here I go on the 2nd year of my quest. Actually, I began my science course a few weeks ago. Bit miffed it's based at City College in Cov, as NWHC obviously missed a gap in the market and decided not to run an evening course. Hence, I am forced to negotiate rush hour traffic on Tuesday evenings for the next academic year...all because ed balls decided I needed GCSE science to teach KS1! As per - I had to pay the entire £240 fee for the course - so all I can say is I'd better bloody pass it - or Dave will divorce me! On a positive note though, we are moving to the Swanswell site after Christmas - which is closer to me. However, I'm told that it's a "hairy walk" to the college from the car park and vice-versa (not sure what that means?? - I just smiled knowingly at my informant!!!!)

Back at NWHC for the degree (far nicer accommodation than City College I might add) - and my feelings on the first week so far seems quite least they are now I've managed to return home and digest lins "pictures" properly. Been thinking about what developing country to focus on for the assessment - but am proper amazed (and saddened) by how many there are to choose from......not sure yet which one to go for. Am understanding completely what lin meant by surfing cautiously...there is so much info but with so much spin! Interesting though!
Am all IT'd up and ready to go - got Moodle, my Warwick email and MyWarwickHomepage sorted........feeling quite upbeat and not as daunted as I was this time last year.
Another observation made by both myself and Claire - the coffee shop staff are still as miserable as they were last year but we are loving the leather look sofas!

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Brian Melling said...

just smile sweetly and say nice things and you will be surprised at the reaction