Thursday, 13 November 2008


The touching story of Hannah Jones, the 13 year old who has 'won' the right to refuse a potentially life saving operation, is heralding national cheers from pro-children's rights advocates! This mature and truly brave young lady has voiced her right of choice and the powers that be have least that's what we are led to believe by the media.
Yet, I question if this would have been the case had Hannah's [very supportive] mother disagreed with her daughter's wishes. Would Hannah's voice have been heard had her mother felt that she should have the op?
My gut reaction is that the answer would be no.....Hannah's voice, may have been listened to but as the medical guidelines called 'Gillick Competence' has a [get-out] clause that states their (the sick child's) decision can be overruled by “those with parental responsibility, if treating doctors believe that withholding consent may be detrimental to the patients well being”(MPS, 2008). Hence, are we hearing Hannah's voice only because her mum is willing to support her decision?

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Crystal said...

you might be right, but none of us really know what exactly happening beacuse the high attention that this mother and daughter have. Media is a powerful weapon, it could be twist just to met the market so personally I don't 100% believe what's on the paper. this is just one of the case, any reasonable parents wouldn't agree and go public just to showing up, unless there is something else happened with that girl's medical condition which she may only have 10, 20% op success chance then make them chose to say no and use this children's right or voice to earn everybody's cheer, you never know.