Tuesday, 27 January 2009


I thought I had better look in on my blog as I haven't posted for ages...but to be honest there hasn't been much going on.....apart from essay writing...and who wants to read about that???
Lectures have been pretty non-existent - which creates a double edged sword....on one hand, it's good because I have managed to complete the Stress essay and HIV essay and produce a good powerpoint. However, on the other...I have wasted several mornings travelling into college only to discover that I wasted my time in doing so....I must admit, I do get infuriated by this...as 'turning up' requires military style planning..to get everyone in my fam and myself delivered on time! Self study is definitely the name of the game this year.....well as far as I'm concerned anyway!
I'm now working on my country report, that has been placed on the back burner whilst the other essays took priority. I am also writing up my January observation of my child study....so am busy enough. Will post again when I have something more interesting to report......

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Brian Melling said...

Hi Jen Glad last week's session for the group went so well and was positively received Sorry about the 'Turning up' problem Been working on several things this morning while watching a wide variety of wild birds come to feed on seed and scraps in the garden Saw a heron yesterday afternoon in neighbour's garden then in the field behind looking very cold and miserable Hope it survived the night