Monday, 2 February 2009

The future of education.....

I am finding myself more and more interested in the education of tomorrow - the concept of classrooms without walls, personalised learning and technological progression, both excites and confuses me. On that note, I happened to come across this video [link below] - it's a really interesting look at education of future....though, I have to say the American school featured reminds me of a hippy commune!!!!
of can know really what the future holds, but I really think we are beginning to catch a glimpse of the possibilities.
Finally, a great quote from this vid is ...."the future must start with getting away from the past.." - Amen to that!!!!!!
Check it out -


Anonymous said...

Hi Jen - Thanks for the offer of tips on academic writing - I would love to take you up on this. Please let me know how we could go about doing this and I'll do all I can to make it happen. Clare x
PS hope you're all well. PPS your daughter is beautiful!

lin armstrong said...

loved the idea of getting rid of the classroom walls-would suit all those who are shoe horned into an institutional response. My poor babies are taught to be free thinkers then sat at brown desks with brown books and brown teachers.....knock the stufffing out of anyone!