Thursday, 11 June 2009


No gasps this time.....just sighs (of relief) from me anyway. No big surprises on the question sheet for me and I answered the two questions I felt I would be stronger at: Identity and education in the developing world.
I wrote for almost the entire 2 hours [thought my arm would drop off] and didn't have time to check over my work in any detail....however, whilst question 2 wasn't perhaps the best grammatically correct piece of work I've ever written, I think I got my point across.....[hope so anyway!]
There was a great feeling of relief after the exam and I spent the rest of the day on a high....I was a bit overexcited about Take That though.....which was a fab end to the day :-)
Today has been really strange...I'm so used to revising and reading I felt as if I had nothing to do (except clean my neglected house??) - I felt physically and mentally drained and actually returned to bed for an hour....though not sure if that's end of exam syndrome or too much singing at Take That syndrome? Prob a bit of both?
Of course, revision for me is not over with a physics exam on Friday 19th I'm back at it tomorrow (can't face it today)
I can't wait to get the results in July so that I can relax and enjoy the summer. I do start my school placement on Tuesday 23rd June, which will last the rest of this academic year and the whole of the next one........I'm really looking forward to getting into school again - this time as a teaching student......{albeit a rather old one!!!}....Next year they are allowing me to do a term in each year group (Yr, Y1 & Y2) - but not sure where they'll pop me for the few weeks left of this summer term....I don't care to be long as no one asks me to revise anything!!!!
One last thing.....I've booked an overnight at Whittlebury Hall Spa on 25th/26th June....I'm going to buy a mindless chic-lit book and have two day's of pure heaven relaxation...with my mum.......priceless!

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Claire said...

Enjoy your spa treatment Jen - youv'e certainly earnt it!

Good luck for your physics exam!

Enjoy the summer with your family before the hard work starts again.