Thursday, 9 July 2009

End of Part Two...........

The results are out and it's official...the second year is over. I am very pleased with my results through both years.......scoring only firsts and whilst I am still amazed at my success, I approach Warwick with anticipation of the first essay mark of year 3....I wonder what I'll get there?
I was delighted with the last essay I produced for Policy and Practice - BM (not the easiest to please) gave me a whopping 96% - and added a comment that it was 'publishable!' - very flattering - since the only thing I have ever had published was a problem in "Just Seventeen" when I was 14!!! (although, when questioned where I might publish it - he couldn't answer.....but the thought was there!)
I have learned so much over the past two apprehensive as I am about my future marks at Warwick - I leave year 2 with much confidence in my abilities and remain highly focused on my goal. I extend many thanks to all the lecturers - especially Lin for her support and ability to listen as well as hear!
I know I am prone to a moan.....and I apologise for sometimes liking the sound of my own voice too much..... [not always a good thing!]......but thankfully, I'm not easy to offend and give you all permission to tell me to shut up!
I am off to Florida for my Jollies with the fam......and my blog will continue in October 2009......hope you'll continue to look in [and interact] sometime......! tootles :-)


Crystal said...

hi, Jen
'Pubishable' good on you, a idea for you is to pubish it on your blog.Just catching up with the blogging, and have read all your lastest posts. I personally use this blog as my dairy of four years uni life so I don't think you should worry that you are having too much voice because I am doing the same as well. I am reading some interest books about next year's subject, will have notes on these books on my blog later, if you don't mind, would you give me some comments, thanks.

Will said...

try the library research or journals relevant to childstudies .Ihar will guide you. I got a bit done in a journal..can eat out on it for years!!!!! tell me your first mark at Warwick really interested in the idea your standard is too low for them. i know they mark like me ...sometimes less robust! have great hols.