Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Electronic Submission

when you get around to doing this at Warwick...here are some tips:
1) there's a proforma marking sheet that you have to attach to the front of your essay...so put it on before you start (as a title page in Word so your headings won't show)
2) in your header, which will appear on every page of your essay - only write your heading.
3) your footer will require your student id and page numbers.
4) save the FINAL essay as the module number (for instance IE2B6) and your student id....not the essay title (not allowed!)

At NWHC I used a different format to the above - always included a reference and bibliography page and never wrote in the first person.....
At Warwick - they require the above format for e-submission, don't want a bibliography (only references) and don't seem to mind if you use the 1st person....(although I can't bring myself to write in this way having trained myself in the 3rd).

There you go - now you know...Happy Days!


Zoey's learning said...

Thank you so much, are you enjoying Warwick? How much time do you actually spend per week at uni, ie. lectures and seminars? and is it much more work???

Hope you have time to consider my questions.

I'm looking forward to going, but scared, because I think I'll struggle with the pace.

Jen said...

Yes I am enjoying Warwick....I am currently in all day on a Monday - that's from 10am (a lecture until 12) then another lecture at 2pm until 4pm) - then in again on Wednesday (10 - 12) and Thursday (10 - 12)- although there is lots of work to do when you are not having a lecture. The reading lists are outrageous...but I've found that it's best to discover a few key texts then look at journals for more up to date stuff...as most of these are electronic..it saves the trek to the library. The work load has increased...but I think you just adapt....the support is different than at NWHC...its far less personal at Warwick.
We have submitted one essay so far...and I am waiting (in anticipation) for my first mark to see if I was overmarked at NWHC...which was always a concern of mine.....but all in all....It's fine and ofcourse a step closer to graduation!

PinkladyC said...

Copied this info to keep on file, hope i remember to look it up lol, but mde a mental note for now. Thanks x