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BOOKS FOR SALE - if you are interested in any please email me jeanette@thesnapes.co.uk - books sold on a first come first served basis....

These are the books which I found very useful during the level one (years 1&2) and level two (year 3) part of the BA(hons) Early Childhood Studies.
All these are available to view on AMAZON.CO.UK : as far as I could see most are selling for more than £5.00 each (2nd Hand). All books are well used but in very good condition. Some may have highlighted bits and notes inside...but you never know these may be helpful to you!!

All books £5.00 EACH

LEVEL 1 & 2 books

• Childhood Studies: An Introduction by Dominic Wyse (Paperback - 12 Nov 2003)

• An Introduction to Early Childhood Studies by Dr Trisha Maynard and Professor Nigel Thomas

• Early Childhood Studies: An Introduction to Children's Worlds and Children's Lives by Jenny Willan, Rod Parker-Rees, and Jan Savage (Paperback - 16 Aug 2004)

• An Introduction to Early Childhood: A Multidisciplinary Approach by Dr Tim Waller (Paperback - 8 July 2005)

LEVEL 2 BOOKS - £5.00 EACH -

Option module specialist books:

• Desirable Literacies: Approaches to Language and Literacy in the Early Years by Dr Jackie Marsh and Dr Elaine Hallet (Paperback - 29 April 1999)

• Children and Number: Difficulties in Learning Mathematics by Martin Hughes (Paperback - 26 Jun 1986)


• The Development of Mathematical Skills (Studies in Developmental Psychology) by Chris Donlan (Paperback - 2 Mar 2000)

I bought this new for £20.99 – very useful book if you intend to do development of mathematics in the early years as an option module – (highly recommended module) – book is in great condition – hence £10 price tag.

• Children's Numbers (Developmental Psychology) by Catherine Sophian (Paperback - Sep 1996)

This is a FANTASTIC book if you do the module I mentioned before. It’s as rare as rocking horse poo (no joke – check out amazon.uk and see!) – I managed to get hold of one on ebay and it cost me £17....I was the envy of the class!!! Sophian is a brilliant easy to follow writer that makes a difficult concept make perfect sense....because of the price I paid and how rare this book is ....the charge for this one is £10.

And finally.........................................

• Doing Your Early Years Research Project: A Step by Step Guide by Guy Roberts-Holmes (Paperback - 18 Mar 2005) – Core for Level 2 module at warwick....a boring but essential read....I bought it new and it cost me £16.00 – still in great condition - on sale now for £7

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