Thursday, 4 November 2010

PGCE place

After three years of waiting, I finally had my PGCE interview yesterday at Warwick. It was a really stressful experience....! The day was split into two; the morning consisted of a presentation about the course and then a maths test and English test. The maths test was fine...nothing harder than year 6 numeracy...the English test was tough though. We were given an article to read and then had to write a critical response....did we agree or disagree and why? 45 minutes! I found this hard as we had no idea what the article would be about. Then we all had to go for lunch and reconvene at 1.30pm when they would tell us who got through to the afternoon. This was the longest hour of my was awful.
At 1.20 we headed over to fond out our be met at the door by a group of people who were there in the morning...they told us...the list has been read out already.....and they sadly informed us that they themselves were unsuccessful......
So off we went - inside the meeting place.....and I discovered I had been selected to go through. Well I could have hooped for joy...was so relieved...I was taken in a group of 4 up to do a group task then have an individual interview. after this I went outside and discovered that only two people from Warwick had made it through to the afternoon....most of the original group of the morning had not......this included my friends, with whom I had spent the morning....enter in a right mixed bag of emotions!!!!
As it stands now I am waiting for their decision - I should hear in two weeks....

Also, the closing date for the GTP application is I should hear if I am invited to interview/test stage there too next week.

Exciting (though stressful!) times!

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