Friday, 10 October 2008

essays and presentations and projects and more....

Now...I'm not one to moan...... OK, I am one to moan a bit but I was feeling a tad overwhelmed by the workload we appear to have already! It's only the end of week two and my list of things "to do" is nearly as big as my list of "things to read" - and I'm not even a list-type person! Thankfully both Christine and Lin were very chilled about the negotiation of hand-in dates. Lin extending the country project until March and Christine's essay (something on stress - so we should all get firsts!) - now due in after Christmas. So...this term demands a presentation for Brian (with technological bells and whistles!!!!!!), two presentations for Lin (though one is a little snapshot of the country) and a presentation for Christine.....oh - and the beginning of the Child Observation study!
Blimey - why on earth am I writing on this Blog when I have that lot to do?

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Crystal said...

Trust me, you aren't the only one who is feeling over loaded. For me, with my English skill, that's time the stress by two.
I just managed to set up my new blog and the facebook.
good luck and thank you for changing the date of Lin's project for us.