Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Hoorah for Connectivism!

I am pleased (actually THRILLED!) to report that my Solomon Island 'contact' been in touch already! Obviously I haven't subjected him to my powers of interrogation yet - (need to get some pointers from Claire for that!) - But he's someone who has experienced first hand primary education on the Islands and seems very keen to share his experiences.....
This man mailed me from Australia - 24 hours after I made contact with him from the UK - I'm doing a project on education in the Solomon Islands - he lives and works there. This is social networking in action.....and guess what....it was EASY!

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Lin said...

Wow! conectivism at work. How easy is it to create your own accurate knowledge without a tutor who has to use old text books? The learning theory for a new digital learner will help us all to organise our own experiences. Way to go Jen!