Thursday, 30 October 2008

Reading Week

It's so hard for me to get anything done in 'reading week' - when my children are around it's like Piccadilly Circus all day!!!!! have felt like a bit of a meany for trying to study when they are obviously requiring mummy did redeem myself by taking the girls to HSM3 (though I was slightly hungover from a party the previous had a sneaky sleep!)
I've been working on the National Curriculum Report and have discovered an interesting (yet unplanned) focus on this subject. It was interesting because I approached this subject thinking that I knew exactly where the research would take me....but when I began to analyse I had to rethink my approach as a lot of my teacher evidence was highly opinionated ('those ol' folk devils' as lin would describe them.....) I decided to redirect my theme and now I'm really glad I did as I feel that my primary research has stimulated questions that I perhaps had not considered before.......

On other ongoing work.....I am interviewing a lady in her 80's next week about her school have to tutor my 'cameraman' (aka my mum) in the use of the digital camcorder sometime in the next week. I'm really looking forward to this as the lady in question is really enthused by the opportunity to have a good trip down memory lane with someone that actually wants to listen!

I've been trying to plough through the info that I have on the Solomon Islands. My contact is fab - but information is vast...I really have to select carefully what I some ways this is tougher than not having much info at all!

All else will have to wait until my little angels are safely back in school so that I can concentrate without the [v.loud] sound of 'Guns n Roses' [son] in the background and the constant....."MUUUUUUMMMM...we're bored"[daughters] to contend with!

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