Thursday, 18 December 2008

for the record...

"It's Christmas time...there's no need to be afraid...." unless, of course, you are a second year degree student with loads of work to do over Christmas! I had planned to get lots done this week pre the children being off school, but have spent much of the week either joining a queue, in a queue or leaving a queue (to join another queue!), progress on workload has all but halted!

However, I have been able to read now and again and I must say that I am impressed by Sir Jim Rose's intrim report into the restructure of the National Curriculum. I really believe that adding 'areas of leaning' into the lower keystages is a positive move that will allow teachers more flexibility, it will promote creativity (an area I think is essential for children to develop) and will be great to aid transition from EYFS to KS1. The proposal suggests implementation in 2011 - which, if all goes to plan, I will be in school 'living the dream' - I really hope I get to start my new career, with a modern, fresh, exciting, 21st century curriculum, that allows young children to develop a life long love for learning - so they can shine as learners and I as their teacher!
SEE YOU ALL IN 2009!!!! (2 more years to go!)

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