Thursday, 1 January 2009


I've been meaning to get a post on here all day today and I'll just about make it on the 1st Jan date if I'm quick.

Well, Christmas is over, New Year is here and I've spent a lot of today doing coursework! that sounds very sad for New Years Day I know - but I had already interviewed my old lady for the school days presentation last week and so have been editing and messing about with my presentation - so not really too hard to take. However - CT's essay is lurking at the back of my mind so I plan to hit the uni library early next week to collate info for that one - I also have a book to collect for the Aids essay that should be returned by then.

That's my NY update. I have had such a great Christmas with my terrific family and friends...I feel so blessed to be in the situation that I am - able to strive towards my ambition in such a hostile economic climate, with such tremendous support from all the people that matter most to me! I feel really uplifted and optimistic about this's the year we move to Warwick...which takes me means closer to my goal.....(oh bugger - just remembered one big downer though - science is lurking too....NOT GOOD - several Hail Mary's and burning candles from the Irish rellies needed for that!)

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