Saturday, 21 February 2009

Coursework Update

I am so pleased to have finished the Country Project I just had to tell my blog!
I found this to be the toughest piece of work to put together so far......there was just so much information, it was a challenge to focused on the theme I had chosen. But, I worked my boots off this week and managed to get it happy with the end result - so I am patting myself well and truly on the back!
Aside from exam revision, I have 'only' BM essay and CT presentation and Child Devel Project left to work on these are moving to drawer 'B' and Science revision is moving up to drawer 'A' - where it will reside exclusively for the next two weeks!!
Today is Saturday - I am going out with my daughters and I'm going to enjoy my mind NOT wandering to the educational development of the Solomon Islands!!!


Crystal said...

hi, Jen
well down you, I havn't start the country project yet because still working on HIV/AIDS essay. I can't do more then one at the time. so the country project need to wait plus I havn't got the idea how am I going to do the project. are we doing it as profilio with information in it or write it as essay/report?

Jen said...

Hi Crystal....Well I have done it as a report. If you are in Tuesday I will show you the format if you like...though I can't print it yet as I am waiting for a new unk cartridge for my home can look on my lap top though...just remind me in class.