Thursday, 19 March 2009


You know what - I have always tried to maintain a good attendance on this course and I was blooming gutted that I couldn't make it in to hear the speakers yesterday! I keep thinking of all those times I have turned up to class for nothing....[when presentations weren't ready or people didn't turn up..] ..and then - on a day which I really did not want to miss, with my questions prepared - I find myself too ill to drag myself out of bed! TYPICAL! I am hoping someone will fill me in with what went on.... or else Warwick for me will have to be one big surprise !!!

By the way - apart from my throat feeling like I've been chewing nettles...I am on the mend today.....and have even found the inclination to continue with Brian's task....


Crystal said...

hi, Jen
you didn't miss much yesterday, Sarah came and told us about what work load to expect when we get to warwick, it's like everything double of what have we been doing these two years. we need to aware that we will be treated as full time students in warwick along with other 80 plus students. so if she or other tutors can't remember our name and face, don't feel it bad just because too many students and they can't remember us all. and another thing that she told us is she normally have two hours a week tutioal with students in her office. not sure other tutors but they normally stick a note on their office door to let students know that when they got time to see them.
we will have to wait for the list of optional module until estern and we will have meeting in 13th may in warwick to have more details what we need to do when we go warwick in October.
there is no half term in warwick and there will be 10 weeks no stop study, break and another 10 weeks hard study.
warwick start lesson from 8am to 7pm, so anytime in between for our lesson. the lesson plan don't know yet.
Research method is one of core module and she recommend two books for us to read, well not 100% agree with the book but 90% she said.
"Doing your early childhood research projet" 2007 by Roberts-Homes, Guy
"doing your social science project" by Bell, J(not sure the full title of book)
we will have personal tutor and the person will help us with everything we need in warwick for two years and she/he will write our reference at the final year.
information above are all I can remember, hope this will help you in some way. oh, one more thing, she wants us to use library as much as possible, especially for her module, we will have to work with librian in some point.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jen
Crystal has filled you in excellently with regards to what Sarah said - it's just gonna be bigger, busier, and more anonymous than NWHC, but you probably knew that already. Nothing you can't handle, I'm sure, but I suppose the only thing you don't know is what she looked like, and that's no big ball breaker!
She recommended the two books Crystal has detailed so it would be good to buy at least one (the Robert-Holmes one) as she TELLS you to get it when you start at Warwick, to refer to in her Research Methods core module. Hope you're feeling better - chin up, lovey! Clare X