Friday, 17 April 2009

Miracles do happen!

..... No really they do! I am happy to log on my weBLOG that I passed all of my science modules!!!!! Not only that I actually got 40/40 for the biology paper..... An A* no less!!!!! I only sat the lower chemistry and got Cs for them!!! Which was brilliant as I was proper worried that I would have to resit the lot! Only got physics to do now and having passed chemistry I am feeling a little more confident! Roll on june when I can put this dreadful subject behind me...... My sympathy to any potential teaching student that has to endure this course.......but have hope.... If I can pass it..... It really can't be that hard ( unless the candles my mum organised for me worked!)

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Crystal said...

hi, Jen
I am very happy for you and I just got back from Taiwan, I will see you today in the lesson