Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Miffed. Annoyed. But most of all...let down!

Now that my anger of yet another occurrence of turning up for nothing had subsided, I must say I feel a little let down and disappointed that I have had to write an email to Lorraine Thompson to voice my concerns about the second year of this degree.
My biggest issue is the turning up only to be sent home's such a waste of time. It has happened many times this year...I think this is mostly due to the fact the entire structure of CT sessions relies on student presentations......which is all well and good if everyone turns up for their scheduled slot. Not everyone does. Of course, us faithfuls [who don't know whether folk will turn up or not until we get there] trot loyally into to college only to wait around thumb twiddling only to be sent home. TRES Annoying! Several of Brian's sessions in 2009 have relied on the same concept consequently, more sessions were missed as the excuses of no-shows rolled in (after, I might add, some of us turned up!!!)
To coin a phrase - I guess the straw that broke the camels back happened on Tuesday this week, as I (and six others) turned up (as we had the week before) for BM's session. 9.30am came and went - and I took myself off up to the CS staff room to see where Mr M was. I was told that he was to be off sick all week. Feeling a bit miffed no one had told us that his session was cancelled, I enquired as to CT's whereabouts - "Holiday" I was told. After explaining that I was not best pleased that no one had told us not to come in, the lady in the staffroom went off to find Lin. I returned to my disgruntled peers.
As we were packing to leave, Lin shows up with Lorraine Thompson. Totally apologetic and sympathetic to our grievance, we are advised to email Lorraine, as clearly this is not acceptable. Lucky for us, Lin did come down as we discover that we are not in the next day (as we were expecting to be) - otherwise, I (and others) would have turned up again!
As I made clear in my email to Lorraine - whilst I wholly realise that a degree involves a substantial amount of self study, I would expect this to be entwined with seminars, group discussion and module guidance from the lecturers. Relying on student presentations and allowing people not to deliver on time has, in my opinion, been an unproductive and inefficient process of learning.
If we are expected to self study at home.......please let us know BEFORE we turn up to class!
I am so disappointed that I have had to spend time thinking and dealing with this issue - to be honest - I don't need (or want) the hassle. I have far bigger fish to fry at the moment......however, I am not a moan behind close doors type and feel things are better voiced, dealt with and improved....if not for us...but for future 2+2 learners.

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Crystal said...

Jen, don't you worry about that you are moaning about something. you are saying exactly how we feel for this year's lesson.
I am proud to say that I am one of good attend students in this course, however I had some issue at home for the last few weeks so I couldn't keep my attendance. Again I have never let down for my classmates with my course work and presentations.( well only one for Lin's course work that I hand in one week late) After all, what I am trying to say is that for what happened in this year, it's all down to tutors' attitude for all students and all the course work. we can't control other people's attendance but tutors should done something about it. In the end, aren't you just happy that we are going to finish our second year and only two years to go to get our degree. I have to said that I am lucky to have you all as my classmates in this course. thank you for all your support.