Sunday, 17 May 2009

Moving to the '+2' bit of the 2+2......

As I left NWHC last Thursday I thought.... Blimey.. that's it here ( exams aside of course!) and so this heralds the half way point of this journey. In sports, the half way is used to stop and reflect on the first half - mistakes can be checked, good points highlighted so that perhaps the second half can be embraced with an injection of enthusiasm that may have escaped during the first half? Using this analogy, I thought it would be good to reflect on my learning experience so far......
When we started....I joined a class of people so big, the classroom lacked enough chairs to accommodate us all...two academic years later and the group has reduced in size by [at least] 50% ... leaving just 10...maybe 11? It's hard to say as a turnout of 5 usually the norm lately. Of course, some of the people who have dropped out have done so for very good reasons....when you're older, life sometimes happens like that...but I do think back to those early days and remember those hopeful faces... Each one declaring their aspirations for joining the same road as I had....I expected a few would go.... But if I'm honest, not as many as have! I wonder where did their aspirations go? Have they been replaced? Put on hold? Abandoned? and how come mine are still intact?
My goal exists beyond this degree. I find myself focusing not on me with a cap and gown....but me in a teaching role. The cap and gown is just a stepping stone that I have to pass over to get where I am going. On the plus side - I am genuinely amazed by how much I have learned on this course of study and how the experience has broadened my mind.... I write better, can spell better and read faster; I've loved the presentations and exploring the notion of classrooms without walls....something I plan to look at for my dissertation and hopefully incorporate into my future role as a teacher. On the negative side I haven't liked being in an FE college..I think this is mostly down to my age.....Warwick campus has a more diverse selection of 'older' folk wandering I prefer being there!
On the whole though,I think I've done OK - certainly better than I thought I would......I've also redone maths and almost finished'll be nice just to focus on the degree next year.

There's just enough time to complete my revision for the end of the 2nd year - get the exams done and then await the whistle to bring on the third year..... important 2nd half because I have to score a goal to get through to the all important FINAL!


Crystal said...

dear, Jen.
you are not just doing OK, you are doing very well. I have never met anyone like you that so focus on the personal goal and commitment of achieving it. I am glad that I have met you in this course, this is not of me saying sweet words, this is how my true feeling. yes, it's come to the end of first half, I am surprise that I come this far. I can still remember when I was young, a future teller once told me that I would never achiever higher education, and here I am on the way to achieve it. finger cross I will see you on the final year, wear our cap and gown, together celebrate our success. will you still carry on write on this blog? I will try my best to carry on this blog so when I finish, I will have some good things to remember with.

Anonymous said...

It is interesting to observe others' determination and lack of. I never thought that giving up on this degree was an option, even though sometimes on reflection it would have been so easy to do. You obviously draw your motivation from sources so easily found to you and from my experience of working in schools that will be etremely useful in your role as a classroom teacher. I think I speak for many of us in our first year when I say that we shall miss your presence therefore I'm asking you to keep up with the blog so that we can enjoy little (and big) snippets of information and experience direct from Warwick, which I know that I have found useful from you just from NWHC during my first year. I wish you all much success as you join the rest of our contingents at Warwick and please don't forget us!

Jen said...

Thank you!
I entitled my blog "destination degree" and will endeavour to keep on posting til I reach the destination!
It's nice to know there are a couple of people who read it!!!
and Crystal......those "future tellers" are con artists....if you could tell the future...wouldn't you predict the lottery numbers and be living on a yatch somewhere hot??? - I would bet my life that YOU will be graduating with me...and no-one deserves it more than you for the effort you invest!