Thursday, 4 June 2009

Exam Reflection...part one....

There was a gasp in the room...... no seriously...there was.
We had just read the "compulsory question" which incidentally, I had no idea there was going to be until 24 hours before..(I thought it would be 2 in each section choose one from each like last year!) and of course, compulsory means that you have to answer it.
I had revised and knew all about poverty issues and child rights issues. Then as a back up I had looked at changes for children and families over the past 60 years. So there was a heart attack moment (hence the gasp!) when I read the compulsory question......the gist of it was The Welfare State in the 21st Century and social justice/material needs...blah blah blah! my first thought was....OMG....I have not revised this at all. So.....(trying to stay calm) I just delved into my memory banks as best I crossed it was good enough. Judging by the comments from my peers post exam...they felt generally the same....even those who knew about the compulsory question (how did I miss that?) - I (and others) cant recall the Welfare State as being an issue to revise.....which made me feel a little I was wondering how on earth I could have missed something sooooo damn vital (twice!)
I chose Children's rights as my next question and feel that I did well on that one... and to be fair...I could have quite happily answered the poverty question too......
Anyway.....that's policy and practice over with now.....and just cultural context left (apart from my physics exam of course). Last year I found Lin's exam to be the hardest by a mile....and whilst I did score a was a I'm a bit concerned that there might be another toughie on the cards. There's no compulsory question on Lin's (I've checked) so that's better....
I do see light...but am not out of the woods yet...roll on next Wednesday (at about 11.30am!)


Crystal said...

hi, Jen
I have to honest that I did revise on welfare state from 1997 to 2008 but it's on children's education and care, not on something like matieral needs?? and social justics?? anyway, I wrote everything I knew on the paper for both question, another one is poverty. And again,I found that I am repeating myself in the second question in some way, well it's gone and done. Brian said if we fail the exam, then course works will take into account, phwwww.
this makes me more worry about Lin's exam, I got third on every piece course of hers and just pass (48%) exam last year, so isn't looking too good for me this year either especially I havn't got good mark course works to cover for me, if I fail my exam!!!
I am quite good for remembering staff but when it comes to anaylising (which is Lin wanted), I am dead.

Claire said...

I take it this was BM exam. Think he flumuxed us all....we all were more than a little suprised at the compulsary question on ours too, although in hindsight (such a wonderful phenomenon), i know i had revised what was needed to answer it much better than i did...1st exam nerves!
Dont know how your managing to fit your science gcse into all this too Jen...roll on summer break eh.
I'm really concerned that i havent passed BM exam, i'm fairly confident i'v done enough for CT, but reading that LA was the hardest last year...well....not looking forward to monday morning. I cant understand why as soon as i turn over the question sheet my mind completly empties itself of all i knew.
Good luck for your final exam, i'm sure you'll do well.

Jen said...

Yep BM exam Claire....and I am surprised you had a compulsory question format too (Lin said it wasn't supposed to be like that for us never mind you as first years!)Unlike you I hadn't recently revised what the compulsory question in ours was asking I just hope how I answered it was the right take on it!...I was confident as I left the exam...but as time has moved on I'm talking my way out of it being you say Hindsight and all that!!!! I'm rather miffed that I either completely misread our revision sessions (as did many others!!) or BM has flumuxed us second years too...let's hope he's feeling generous when marking....:-)

Katja said...

yep....lets hope BM is in a good mood when marking!!! We deffo got an 'unplanned' compulsory matter how you look at it. Oh well....learning curve just went hyperbolic!!!!! Wishing you all the luck at Warwick, I am quite looking forward to it too. Strange, all us 1st years will be in big class next year, they were right, the first year has gone FAST !!
Best of luck with rest of exams :o)