Tuesday, 15 September 2009


Today was my first day of my weekly [self arranged] placement at an Infant school. For the next academic year, I will spend every Tuesday in school, watching, learning and having a go at practicing teaching skills. My placement begins with Autumn Term in Reception, Spring Term in Year 1 and then Summer term in year 2.
There is something about being in a classroom that makes me feel so at home. I love the buzz of the busyness and bustle of the day. I have missed this so much. I came home feeling quite down that I am unable to be in this role yet....I miss working sooooo much. However, the placement gives me a 'fix' of where I want to be and also enables me to to take my skills of working with children a step further - particularly in the assessment and recording the progress of the children.
Reception was an interesting place to be....and for the first time in two years I'm beginning to wonder, which age group I'll be the best at teaching?


Crystal said...

hi, Jen
how are you? from this post, I know you are on the way toward to become a good teacher and I can't wait to see you later in Warwick. have good time and enjoy your placement xx

Jen said...

hi Crystal! Are you back in the UK now?
Looking forward to seeing you too...not long now before we get started on year 3!! I can't wait...sooner we get started...the sooner it'll be finished!
See you soon

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