Friday, 2 October 2009

An intro to Warwick

If you are a first year reading this...well done you found my blog! it was nice to meet you all this morning and I hope that I left some useful positive vibes for you to adopt on your journey! I hope you follow and interact with my blog and join me on facebook - which I forgot to mention is listed under my long name - Jeanette Snape!
The much anticipated return to Warwick arrived yesterday...and we had an 'induction.' Not worthy of reporting here.....except they had changed the TimeTable for the current term, meaning that they re scheduled a lecture that we thought would be on a Monday afternoon to Tuesday afternoon - which was a pain (not to mention a surprise) for some who have to work on a Tuesday!
Anyway - my 'option' module, worth 30 cats, is The development of Numeracy in the Early Years, and that's my very first lecture on Monday morning.......let's see what that will bring...:-)


lin armstrong said...

lots of excellent comments from first years about settling into a do able challenging course. Many thanks for your expert imput.

PinkladyC said...

Thanks very much for your talk Jen, really enjoyed your comments, thoughts & honesty as well as tips and advice! Much appreciated by us all x