Wednesday, 14 July 2010

and so to the final year....

Here I the end of the third and about to begin the final year! It’s strange – but I am in fact faced with paradoxical feelings of surprise by just how quickly these past three years have flown, contrasted with not remembering what life was like prior to modules, assessments, reading, reading and more reading!
I really enjoyed the third year....very different from the first two. At Warwick, you become anonymous really.....the core modules are in the Lecture Theatre and you blend in as one of 100 or so students. To illustrate, I attended (and was characteristically verbal in!) weekly core lectures since January, with a lecturer who has now been allocated as my dissertation supervisor. At our first meeting...I was greeted with the words... “and you are...?” I told him my name...but doubt very much that he will remember it!!!
However, poised at final year... I am now turning my attention to ITT applications. I am very lucky to have secured a provisional GTP place at an Infant School....subject to TDA funding. Yesterday, I had to deliver a whole class literacy session to year one’s – whilst being observed by the head and class teacher. I had planned my delivery, incorporated ICT (of course!) and then delivered, (what I was told at the feedback afterwards) a very good “pacey session”. I have never planned and delivered a whole session – from intro to plenary....and I loved it. The children really enjoyed it too..which was evident in the work they produced in the session. The next stage is to apply to Newman’s Uni in September...I will also apply for PGCE at Warwick in case I don’t get a funded place through Newman’s...but my preferred route is GTP....I am so desperate to get into the classroom and teach.
On a more current note...I am immersed in reading for my dissertation. I am doing a case study which will look at school council at infant school level and young children’s understanding and ability to participate. It is so interesting......and thankfully, as it is quite a contemporary subject base, there is lots of current literature available. Taking back what I said earlier about my supervisor not remembering my name.....I have a feeling that by the end of the year he will not be wondering who I am...more he’ll be hiding behind the drinks machines in the cafe when he sees me in the vicinity!!
Well – this time next year I will have graduated, with know what ITT I am doing in September....yes..that light at the end of the tunnel is definitely starting to shine a bit brighter!
Good Luck to all newbies....and to the others who move on through the programme. Work loads....ask questions.....and success is there for the taking!


Liz Foster said...

Jen, you are such an inspiration! Your enthusiasm gave me such encouragement at the beginning of this first year and here I am anticipating the 2nd. Like you, my path is into Primary teaching. I don't know if you will continue blogging as you progress onto the GTP or PGCE but would love to hear about your experiences. I've got one more hurdle (as if the degree wasn't enough) but GCSE Science next year too! Oh well, onwards and upwards! All the very best for your final year.

Jen said...

Thanks Liz....I had to do GCSE science city college in Coventry. Can't pretend I enjoyed it..however managed to get a you see it can be done!
I am glad to hear your first year went well and that my visit helped you....all the very best for year are well on the way now :-)